Adopt A Pig


as I follow the muse or harlan guides my hand and certain ideas take shape entering the physical world, my pet projects may land here under "adopt a pig". they will be in need of a good, loving home, should I have the heart to part with them. have a look around and email with any questions |


meta [modern] coffee. a deconstructed meta of mid-century form. [43x19x19]

a study in ratios, lines, color & texture. experimentation in form disintegration.

future watch areas III [altruism v capitalism]

pressures presently contained, for now. [47x31x1.5]

all in an illusion, where rocks float to the surface.

a hand-sculpted, imperfect end. there is perfection in imperfection.

spinning plates]] each [24x16x12]

there will never be enough time. it's never enough. enough.

un[en]titled [27x14x14 ind. dimensions] currently at JF Chen in L.A.

pragmatism v idealism | a study in vulnerability

[spoken for]

the riverside credenza [the rapture] - [61:23.299 | 21:8.021 | 18:11.125]

piet mondrian inspired > ralph rapson inspired > me

[spoken for]

un[en]titled | seating [26x26x26}

raw steel round all in a row, seamlessly drawn to its concrete padded sides

walnut v concrete waterfall coffee table.

string theoried steel supports. [37x16x16]

future watch areas [containment1]

pressures presently contained, for now. [47x31x1.5]

walnut v concrete | credenza {71x35x24}

rusted steel sliders inside this Harlan inspired wood v concrete box

decay and dismemberment | a sculptural exercise in frailty

to reside as separates or to seek shelter, to nest into one another

brute modern club chairs [26x26x26]

black acid / black pigment stained | steel in both order and chaos

the david byrne [19x17x16 ind. dimensions]

split C coffee / sides on casters. raw, punked plywood profile

[spoken for]

brute w/ mag | black acid drip [39x16x16] 2 avail | special pricing on pair

raw steel angle frame | integrated magazine rack | black acid drip top

[spoken for]

in collaboration with omforme design | organic modernity

plywood formed pour encasing the canadian drift [52x18x18]

[spoken for]

walnut left as found, then contained / cantilevered w/ it’s concrete counterpart. [42x18x21]

future watch areas II [altruism v capitalism]

pressures presently contained, for now. [47x31x1.5]

a one-off twist to the harlan mod | coffee. [41x20x15]

elm base with a white, razor-thin engineered cementitious top.

all in an illusion, where rocks float to the surface. [42x24x15] 3 available.

a hand-sculpted / thrown, coffee. there is perfection in imperfection.

a study in negative space. and in learning how to embrace it. [16x16x16]

a smooth, refined bone white mix melts into its organic black void.

[all] consuming [39x16x16] I am afraid of everything. but mostly I am just

afraid of running out of time. flying blind. in constant push and pull.

[spoken for]

the harlan | coffee - near & dear - one of my first ever made [38x16x14h]

dark gray all concrete coffee table | harlan's ghost, through me to you

brute mag rack side [15x18x18 ind.] 2 pair available.

ply stamp top | mag rack | steel shelf to let your laptop breathe

[spoken for]

brute modern | modular [38x16x16] the original coffee that spurred it all

textured black acid top on steel angle frame. w/ modular plywood side

[spoken for]