with an awareness of the space in and around us:  we do not believe in fitting a square peg through a round hole, so if you should see a piece you like but think different dimensions are needed to make sense for you and your home, or need any assistance or consultation in spatial arrangement or design, we are here to help. we believe in pieces that not only last forever, but are something you will want to live with forever.

anything and everything is possible. as a musician friend once stated, "if you can hear it, and if you can hum it, then you can play it on your guitar". if it can be dreamed up, then it will come to fruition.

established 2013 | minneapolis mn

concrete pig embodies a love for sketching, designing & creating with a deep infatuation for the mid-century modern form. with an eye on the past but a specific vision for the future, concrete pig is unique functional art in the form of modern furniture design.