design milk: a visit to forage modern workshop / by Josef Harris

Photo by Wing Ta for Design Milk

Photo by Wing Ta for Design Milk

you pick up that magazine or read that blog and you see the best the design world has to offer... designers. furniture. fixtures.

it's fun perusing the latest technology, design trends and names in the business. easy to get infatuated with an idea of some day being featured in a Dwell magazine, or Design Milk article. something to aspire to.

WELL... forage modern workshop, a local store on the cutting edge of everything, and whom I have been incredibly lucky to have been working with for nearly 2 years already, just got an amazing write up on Design Milk. A beautiful article featuring their store and their movement--a virtual tour of their space.

forage was kind enough to name drop too. feeling very grateful to be a part of it all and to have been included in such a write up:

you should continue to expect big things from forage modern workshop. makes me want to continue to push the envelope, to evolve, to make new and interesting objects. and I will.